Legends of Belintash

Three tourists spend the night in a village at the foot of the mythical Thracian temple Belintash. They are sheltered by a local old man who reveals to them the mysterious events that took place at the temple over the years. The story of the old man takes the reader two millennia back to the... Continue Reading →

Tanya Mir

Tanya Mir is author of the books "Discovery" and "Legends of Belintash". She has been honored with the National Literary Prize "Equilibrium". In 2019, together with the team of the program "Reality novel", she managed the radio novel "Nestinarian dance" on Bulgarian National Radio. Tanya Mir is the screenwriter and director of the feature films... Continue Reading →


In 2017 “Discovery” won the Bulgarian national literary award “Equilibrium”. The book quickly gained popularity and won the hearts of the readers. “Discovery” was presented before a wide audience in many Bulgarian cities and by the end of 2018, it has become a bestseller in Bulgaria. It has already been filmed as a full-length feature... Continue Reading →


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